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Thanks for dropping by. This is a temporary space for Blue Cyrus Media while we get our website up and running.

Meantime, let me introduce you to Blue Cyrus: Charlotte Gentis and I (Tobi Elliott) are interested in stories about people… true stories about people and their relationship to land, culture, the environment, technology and industry, and each other.

Now in my early 30s, I’ve finally found the perfect medium for my passion for storytelling with documentary film. My partner Charlotte, a professional videographer for CBC News Vancouver, recently travelled to Brazil to film a story about how natural horsemanship is transforming the lives of orphaned children and we’re turning that into our first mini-doc. You can read about it here: Horses For Brazil

We’re also working with trappers to document their work and lives, and the third project on the docket is the story of what’s happening in B.C.’s Northeast with the natural gas industry and land development.

But always, I’m still aching to tell that perfect, literary, poignant story.

YOU could be next.

If you have an idea, write me at tobi.elliott@gmail.com.

5 responses

30 08 2010
barry lazar

Hi Tobi – I just read your blog about the film you are making in Brazil. This is a wonderful idea. If you want comments on the rough cut, when it is ready, let me know. – best of luck, Barry

14 12 2010
Jeska Slater

Hi Toby!
Its Jeska from Young Artist Warriors. I coordinated that mural that you wrote about for the Eastern Door. I was hoping to obtain a copy, but didn’t get a chance to. Do you by chance have one that you can send? Or an online version?
Thanks again, the pictures look great!
Glad you hear that your life is rich with adventure.
All My Relations,

18 12 2010
Tobi Elliott

Hi Jeska!
Yes I have some copies, and I can get you in touch with the editors of the Eastern Door, who would have a whole lot more copies. Email me at tobi.elliott@gmail.com. I don’t think I have your email anymore. Thanks for looking me up!

13 01 2011

I think you rock!! I loved the shopping cart pic and comment…you make me laugh, lil sis!!

10 04 2011
Luis Roberto

Hi Tobi.. Your blog is very “legal”… Tanks.. write for me..

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