Rideau Hall and the photojournalist who didn’t save her pictures

3 07 2010

Savika Fowsar and I at the Michener Awards gala last May at Rideau Hall.

This is the single photo I have from a Gala dinner at Rideau Hall on May 27, 2010. I was invited, along with another journalism grad to witness the awarding of the Michener prize for public service journalism [Linda Gyulai of The Montreal Gazette won for her coverage of corruption in Montreal’s civic politics.]

After taking almost 150 photos of the magnificent Hall, Her Excellency the Governor-General (from a distance), the grounds, the people, the security detail, the food, portraits and rooms, I deleted them from my camera before transferring them to my computer.

I’m sure you can imagine the howl of anguish when I found out. I haven’t posted about the event until now because I was so mad at myself for losing those photos. I know better… I always check… I usually check….

Except this one time. I had thought I had transferred them but evidently didn’t, and in my haste to cover the signing of the Aboriginal Education accord for The Eastern Door, I deleted the pictures. The Accord signing was a great event, but of course the Michener awards dinner was a huge highlight for me. I really regret not having those pictures.

However, what’s done is done. I’ll learn from this and never, ever delete photos without checking my hard drive first.



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