Hot Docs film number 4 ‘The Candyman: the David Klein Story’

5 05 2010

UPDATE: Just got an email from the Candyman himself (he really is the sweetest guy) and he directed me to their website: and blog He writes: “First time in my life I have been called a philanthropist….. I have always tried to help as many people as possible without any regards for recognition or my own gain. When you are visiting California I would like to show you our factory.”

It’s true, David seems like a real giver and I hope the film serves to shed light on a hidden but significant aspect of American candy history.

This is the man behind Jelly Belly candy.

David Klein - the subject of The Candyman. The inventor, philanthropist, candyman and entrepreneur just wants the recognition for having created the flavourful, explosively popular beans that Ronald Reagan loved, but it's the family dynamics revealed in this doc that prove to be the most interesting elements about the whole, sad, colourful affair.

P.S. I gave this film a 5 out of 5 because it was so brave, sweet and gritty. Even docs about candy can be gritty 🙂



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