Spring is all around

12 04 2010

This magnolia tree at my family's farm in Bradner, B.C. always reminded me and my mom that the rains don't last forever, spring comes eventually. Photo by Donna Elliott (1945-2009)

Over the weekend I planted hibiscus, mini-daffodils and a crocus in a window box, and boy is it good to see them busting out the colour from their green fronds into the sunlight.

Now, because I finally bought Final Cut Pro and installed it on my computer so I can edit at home, I sit at my dining room table, my view of the dusty street now screened with living things.

I think I’ve been holding my breath, waiting for this moment.

I’m remembering spring at home, and my Mom, who loved it maybe more than I did.



One response

23 04 2010
Matthew Elliott

Hey Tob!

Glad to see you’ve found some planting outlet in a window box. It just wouldn’t be you without some flowers around to tend to huh. The magnolia is looking just about exactly like the one pictured, except we are missing the sun these past few days.

Hope you’re doing well, and enjoying your last few months of schooling. Looking forward to seeing you soon in whatever capacity that takes form in.

Love Matty!

p.s. you meant 2009 not 1999

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