A must-see documentary about Quebequer cyclists who dream of ‘le Tour’

1 04 2010

I have to get out to see Le Tour des rêves, by Macumba International director Robert Cornellier. Actually, the Wildman is dying to see it, and I’m dying to see it because it’s set in Abitibi and I really want to see some passionate would-be world class cyclists from Quebec. Nothing like young guns on bikes.

On that note, there is another great doc that’s not quite out there yet, but will be very very soon, and I think everyone reading this should see it. It’s FABRIC, produced in part by yours truly.

Honestly, it’s one of the best productions to come out of Concordia University – oh don’t sigh just because it’s a student production, it’s a very good production. It’s relevant, timely, personal and very very well told. Once we present to the prof and class, our team will take it entirely back to the drawing board and make it as tight as possible as we prepare to pitch it to a broadcaster, probably the CBC. None of us have seen anything like our story on TV before, and it’s a story that needs, nay, deserves to be told.

One of the characters in our doc about manufacturing in Montreal, Fabric - by Amy Minsky

Check out our blog on the work in progress, here.



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