Tracey Deer/Mohawk Princess

31 03 2010

In a smashing two for two kind of week, I got to meet my second fabulous documentary filmmaker in two days: Tracey Deer of Kahnawake.

My eyes are straining from too much computer already today so I won’t go into everything, but suffice it to say, this woman is going to bend genres and break out into mainstream Canadian television culture with solid Aboriginal-themed stories. It’s going to turn Canadian programming on its ear, and I want to be the first to say: this Mohawk Princess is something.

We talked about the state of Aboriginal filmmaking today, who is doing what, and what it might take for regular Canadian audiences to catch on to some of the innovative work offered by Native filmmakers recently.  Not to mention the downright hilarious.

I also got to watch the pilot episode of what Tracey hopes will be a TV series on APTN. It’s about four young women working through the normal, angsty, sexy issues that every 20-something woman goes through, with the added complications that come from growing up on the Res. Where you might end up sleeping with your second cousin without knowing it.

What’s unique is the way it’s shot and composed. It’s the most un-Res-like treatment you can imagine, meaning it’s not heavy with trauma and issues, but it’s sexy, humorous, treats human dramas with a light touch, and somehow manages to make these Mohawk girls  real and complicated, just like everyone. Kind of like GILMOUR GIRLS, it’s close, intimate, character-driven and riveting. I wanted to watch more, and I’m about as far from a television freak as you can get. It doesn’t hurt though that I’m one of a privileged few outside of the production group that has seen it…

Watch for Tracey Deer. That Mohawk woman is on something….



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