Yes, there is hope in Kansas, Dorothy

30 03 2010

Just saw an amazing doc tonight by Magnus Isacsson: Art in Action featuring Montreal’s own activist artists Annie Roy and Pierre Allard. The founders of ATSA (Socially Acceptable Acts of Terrorism) seem to provoke and promote a life of wonder amid their acts of social engagement/guerrilla warfare in the name of love.

But it wasn’t just the subject that was so moving – the film was wonderfully done and, to me, seemed the strike the right tone throughout.

Following the couple for three years, Magnus managed somehow to both capture intimate scenes in their home with the couple’s two children, as well as a decade of their work, their installations and performance interventions.

This film is all heart, and is also a not-so subtle call for every person watching to find their own mission in life and live by it. Once you’ve seen how these artists live, how could you not want to DO something to change the world? Once you see how they work and perspire and groan and love and create and make hundreds of calls and get their hands dirty and do what no one else is doing – simply because it’s in them to do.

I believe that’s one of the most beautiful things film can ever capture: humans fighting to pour every ounce of their potential and energy into something only they can do for the betterment of society. Magnus has succeeded in capturing that with this film.

Go see it!

PS and I had to slip this in: I was very happy to be able to meet Mr. Isacsson tonight and talk about the possibility of interning with him. Ahem! Yes. Wow. It’s too early to write about how things might look in the future, but I definitely anticipate learning something down the road from him, should that door stay open. For now, I think I’m just very excited. It was great. He’s great. I’m… very… very excited. Very.

And no, that meeting didn’t bias my view of the film at all. I liked it very much before I met him in person!