Squatting no longer Part IV

6 12 2009

(continued from previous post: Part III)

Simon* and Michael swap stories in the kitchen.

However, the picture isn’t all rosy: barely four days after moving in, Pinet finds out that Simon is not actually a recovering cocaine addict, but a practicing one.

Coming back to his new place one night, Pinet finds Simon snorting lines off the kitchen table. He apparently borrowed money from his sister and called his dealer minutes later. There are empty beer bottles everywhere, and according to Pinet, Simon is drunk and high all weekend.

Pinet finds out from the dealer that Simon owes him over $500. He worries that if he gives Simon cash for rent on Dec. 1, it will go immediately to drugs. Simon keeps offering him liquor and coke but Pinet doesn’t take him up on it. Now that he’s been given a second chance to get on his feet, he says he doesn’t want to blow it.

“I’m going to keep on looking for a job,” says Pinet. “Nothing has changed.”

Pinet isn’t planning to move out just yet and he’s still thankful for Simon’s kindness. “He gave me a roof over my head. We get along. He knows what I did before and he gave me a chance.”

Even if Simon’s choice of lifestyle makes things more difficult for Pinet, it’s still better than squatting in the CN building. He says, still smiling, “I know I’m not alone anymore.”



One response

2 07 2010

Hi T,
Got sent your link from a friend in Montreal. Neat little story. It’d be nice to see Pinet get on, as what comes across is a sense of loneliness as well as his determination. But……. his friend and benefactor, “Simon”, seems a colourful enough character to be hold a readership attention on his own. CRACKPIPE TRUCKERS has a ring about it. Or LONG DISTANCE CRACK-FIENDS. Whatever, I’d wanna watch him wash up the coke and smoke it. Loads of good description in there to be had.
For my part, I’ve done a fair amount of squatting here in London UK. Hence I was sent the link to your blog. I’m living in a hostel waiting on a flat. I’m forty nine and am getting too old physically to enjoy doing it anymore. I still know everyone who still does though. The UK, and London in particular has a system in place for housing homeless people, but it IS easier to tick the boxes etc if addiction is out of the picture. Which for many people it’s not.
However, in my case, things are fine. Just got an old laptop going and installed XP, so shall soon be laying out my tale. I’m writing this on a phone, which is tiresome, but hey, its better than nothing. I cranked out a somewhat stunted piece on it at:


Anyway, I’ll look out for the further adventures of Pinet.
Seriously though, A Hard Weekend In A Crack Den would, potentially, be a great read.
Take care,

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